2018: Let's try and remember this one.

January 06, 2018
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Okay, okay, I know. It's been a couple of years. It's been about 700 days since I last posted here but I'm back with fresh enthusiasm so I've redone the entire site, had a tidy up and will soon have archived everything that used to be here, here.

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Graduation, 2016
It sort of feels that the past 2 years have been a total blur. I started 2016 off with a post about how it had been a rough start to the year, and ended it by saying 'Bring it on, 2016.' Well, 2016 did bring it on. Quite hard for that matter and I wasn't really ready for it. However, I went at it with everything I had and actually managed to come out the other side feeling much better than I did when I went in.

2016 was the year that sadly I lost my dad and as I'm sure you'd expect, it was a difficult thing to deal with. I'll write about that at a later stage, because it needs a lot of thought and words. (I'm okay though, don't worry.) More positively however, 2016 was the year that I finished my degree, graduated with first class honours, received the award for best Audio Production student, got a new job, moved into a new house, played at a music festival in front of hundreds of people, helped run an arts festival, put my name on lot of different media projects and made a load of new friends. It was probably one of the busiest, hardest, yet most rewarding years of my life so far.
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Rupert, aka Big Rupes
As far as 2017 is concerned, I don't remember a great deal of it. There are of course things like getting a kitten, the gigs I went to, spending a few days away in Scarborough with my girlfriend, some parties and other various days out and events throughout the year, but for the most part 2017 was spent working. Not that that's a bad thing, because it was probably the first year in my life where I've not had anything going on. I think what it all boils down to is that it was the first year without being in some sort of education. Don't get me wrong, I loved my degree and I'm so proud of myself for getting through it even if at times it felt impossible but I was so glad to not have the stress of it anymore. When I graduated, I was certain that a year later I would be going back to do it all over again, but looking back I honestly think that would have been a bad idea. I've really enjoyed my job so far, largely because of the people I work with, but also because I feel like I'm really contributing to something for a change, and I didn't want to end that to go chasing a career I'm not sure I ever even wanted.

So we come to 2018. We're already a week in and it's already looking like it's going to fly by. Now I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions. I've always thought they were a bit pointless because if you're going to do something with your life, why do you have to wait until the 1st of January? But this year I actually am going to bother with one. I am determined to not let this one slip by. Amongst the generic stuff like learning to drive, losing weight, etc. I want to fill 2018 with new projects, new experiences, time with family and friends and doing whatever it takes to not wake up in a year's time trying to work out where the time went. There's a lot I'm going to try and cram into 2018 and I'm aiming to document it along the way so stay tuned. No doubt there's going to be a fair mixture of good and bad along the way.

As sung by The Menzingers - Only a fool would think living could be easy.

I don't care how hard you bring it 2018, I've got this.

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